Our Heavy-Duty Car Interior & Wheel Cleaner Makes Every Car Shine

Grandma’s Cleaner LLC in Everetts, North Carolina, provides the perfect solution for a car interior cleaner and wheel cleaner in one. Our all-purpose product will leave your car sparkling on the outside and smelling fresh and clean on the inside.

Automotive Detailing

In addition to cleaning up messes around the home, Show Me the Stain is also designed to quickly eliminate dirt and grime from the interior and exterior of  your vehicle, including:

Cleaning Auto Interior
   •  Chrome Wheels
   •  Windows
   •  Dashboard
   •  Carpets
   •  Car Exterior
   •  Auto Upholstery

Show Me the Stain
Our product comes in a 32-ounce bottle of powerful concentrate. All you have to do is take one ounce of cleaner, add water until you reach your desired dilution, and you’re ready. Now you have the option of customizing your cleaner strength for a multitude of uses for only $39.95 plus tax.

Contact us in Everetts, North Carolina, for a car interior and wheel cleaner that makes your car look new again.