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All-Purpose Cleaner from Everetts, North Carolina


$39.95 plus tax for one year supply
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for Show Me The Stain
"Take Me To It And Watch Me Do It"
Made in Everetts, North Carolina, this all-purpose cleaner is made strong enough to replace all of your cleaning products!


A Noticeable Clean
Show Me The Stain is a stain's worst nightmare! While this powerful, all-purpose cleaner is tough on stains, it is friendly on the environment as it is:

• Free of Harmful
   Chemicals & Sulfates
• Nontoxic • Biodegradable

Outdoor Stains
This all-in-one spray is ideal for tackling tough outdoor mildew and grime on a variety of surfaces, including:

• Furniture
• Screen Doors
• Sidewalks
• Driveways
• Paint
• Asphalt

Automotive Detailing

In addition to cleaning up messes outside the home, Show Me The Stain is also designed to quickly eliminate dirt and debris from your vehicle, including:

• Chrome Wheels • Windows • Interior Surfaces

Indoor Cleaning
When cleaning your home, you'll always want to keep Show Me The Stain nearby. This immediate-action cleaner is designed to blast away the toughest stains and residue on your home's surfaces, including:

• Microwaves
• Countertops & Floors
• Toilets
• Ovens
• Tubs
• Sinks
• Mirrors
• Washers & Dryers
• Walls
• Carpeting
• Glassware
• Wood

Laundry Stains
Even the most stubborn laundry stains don't stand a chance against Show Me The Stain. Unlike other cleaning products, our formula is specifically designed to quickly dissolve a variety of laundry stains, including:

• Set-in Stains • Blood & Gum Stains • Pencil Markings

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